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We are at the final moments of our B.Tech life…..happy days. Today We( our classmates) arranged a party to get together for sharing our feelings and obviously for enjoyment. It was full of fun…..

All of us gathered at a function hall at 10am. Some of us sang songs……it was funny. The next event was ‘ a minute to fame ‘, some funny things done here like ‘how much bread could be eaten in a minute’,  ‘put up and put off the candles’,  ‘throw and catch the ball’,  and ‘blow up and burst the balloons’, all these events were between boys team and girls team……very funny.

All of us were divided into some groups based on our month of birth, mine is in december so i fell in oct-nov-dec group. All batches had to perform a play on their own interest. Some batches imitated our lecturers and non-teaching staff and some batches brought alive the situations which are commonly seen in buses and trains.

Now it was time for rocking dances. Our energies touched peak stage here.

Ohh…we were out of energy…Lets recharge ourselves for afternoon rocking… There was an interactive session afterwards, it went on till 5 pm, here each person got a chance to share his feelings and answering the questions asked by the rest of us.

We had really a great time for enjoying ourselves in these last days getting together….jil jil jiga…..


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What makes you happy

It isn’t what you have,

or who you are,

or where you are,

or what are you doing,

or what are you going to do,

that makes you happy or unhappy.

Its what you think about.

Source: http://www.pravsworld.com

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