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Google is on the verge of introducing its own mobile phone called the Nexus One. It will be built by HTC, use Android 2.x, be available for use with any U.S.-based GSM network (like T-Mobile’s or AT&T’s), and be sold directly by Google starting in January. As you can see by the photos, the design of the device is largely similar to those we’ve seen, but the graphic on back is slightly different, and that piece of tape is covering a QR code (how very Google of them).



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No Violence…Plz…

Andhra Pradesh state is now facing the worst ever situation in its political history. UPA Government has responded positively on formation of separate Telangana state which is said to be divided from the present Andhra Pradesh state. Till then, for about 10 days all telangana districts witnessed strikes, destruction of public properties, etc…  After the announcement, it is the turn of  remaining districts(Kostha Andhra and Rayalaseema regions) in the state to agitate opposing the announcement for formation of separate state. It has been 2 days since these districts have been observing the situation which some days back telangana districts observed. No mass transportation facility is available, public properties are being damaged, students are not able to attend to their regular schools, colleges. Now the differences among regions are becoming rivalries. Media is also one of the parts which support these agitations by some or the other way to increase their TRP ratings. Agitations or protests are not equal to destructions or violence.  But nowadays some people think that if anyone wants to protest against anything, normal life of people should be disturbed by organizing strikes and damaging some public or private properties, media will spread that news like wildfire, then people will come to know that somebody is protesting against something. But this is not the right tendency. These issues can be solved by series of meetings, rallies, dikshas etc… with no violence. Now the life of a common man has halted, the feeling of localism is increasing, though some people are for this feeling and some are against.  Anyways..Lets hope these agitations go without any violence, damages and come to an end as early as possible.

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