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A major scam hit the Commonwealth Games this week with allegations being made that a substantial sum of money was transferred to a little known U.K. company from the Games Organising Committee (OC) about which the British government has raised questions.

Television channels reported that over £ 4.50 lakh were transferred through a British bank to the A M Films company, said to be a one man show and which was also receiving £ 25,000 a month.

This nineteenth Commonwealth Games (ranks second after Olympics as the largest sorting event worldwide) are planned to be held in India this time. This is the time we get attention from other countries in the world.

But what are we doing? We are using this rare/great opportunity to fill our bags. We don’t care about nation’s pride, we don’t care about people, we want only money, through any means…..

Ours will be a ‘developing’ nation forever if we continue like this….we have to ask ourselves these questions…How are our neighboring countries are developed ones though they have less manpower, land, natural resources compared to us.

Lets change ourselves….lets change India


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