Change !

Want a change badly !!



One needs to be physically fit along with his mental stability. Started going to gym, let’s not break it again !

Huhh !

Why is human’s life so complex. Is it humans, who are making it so. Why do we need so many things to live happily! Can’t a person live happily without ‘those’ things.. Hmm !!


Suddenly didn’t hate one person for a moment whom I was doing for past couple of weeks. But no hope if this feeling continues..


1+ !!

Oh My God !

I saw some people today discussing (I should say ‘telling’, no discussion happened ) few things. Most of their beliefs are false / dangerous. Not sure why they think like that about fundamental things. Hope they will change their perspectives soon.

Hiking time

Did hiking in Muir woods, SFO with my new Nike Air Max shoes.  It was good and tiring !